Sci-FI 3D Modeling Event

By Realistic   Mar 17, 2022

🤖 Sci-Fi 3D Modeling Event 🤖

Greetings Developers! With technology evolving everyday, today I present before you the Sci-Fi 3D Modeling Event! During these four days, you have to create a Sci-Fi Robot. Also, make sure you follow the given details. You can be as much creative as you like! Submission must be an image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif). Ensure that the image you submit has a watermark (your Discord Username & Tag). Note: Please feel free to ask in event-chat if you have any questions.

🛡️ Rules 🛡️

• Don't repost or edit the message after time.

• Follow the format when submitting entries.

• Submission must be relevant to the theme.

• No more than one submission is allowed.

• Troll submissions are strictly prohibited.

• All HiddenDevs Rules must be followed.

• Cheating/plagiarizing is not allowed.

📘 Details 📘

Submissions open on Thursday, 17 March 2022 16:00 GMT.

Submissions close on Monday, 21 March 2022 16:00 GMT.

🛡️ FAQ🛡️

Q1. Can I use Roblox Studio? 

A1. No, you may use Blender, C4D, etc.

Q2. Can I use open-source stuff?

A2. No, you can't use those, only original stuff.

Q3. Can I work in a team?

A3. No, 3D Model should be made by you completely.

Q4. Can I refer to other 3D Models?

A4. Yes, but please don't copy it.

Q5. Can I use external links for my submissions?

A5. No, upload directly via Discord.

Q6. Can I use textures on my 3D Model?

A6. Yes, as long as the textures are made by you.

📘 Prizes 📘 

1st Place: Discord Nitro (1 Month) & Event Winner

2nd Place: Discord Nitro Classic (1 Month) & Event Winner

3rd Place: Patreon Standard (1 Month) & Event Winner

You must join our Discord Server to participate. You can join here

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