New Website!

By solocord   Oct 20, 2021

Over the past two weeks, our website developer, @IAmVolvic, with the collaboration of our two bot developers, @gt_c and @Beta, have worked tirelessly to produce a new website that will be the new homepage of HiddenDevs.

Originally, we had planned for the website to be out a bit later, but due to complications with our old verification site no longer desiring to work, we pushed production a bit faster. Nevertheless, the team has exceeded expectations and was able to quickly adapt to the changes. The administration team is pleased with all the work they've done and can't wait to see future updates.

Currently, for features, we have the verification system fully ready and tested. You're required to be verified on our site to have access to other functionality of the site and chat on the server. If you want, you can unlink your account. Howsoever doing so you acknowledge that you will lose access to chat in this server and no longer access most site features.

Soon after the website's release, we will have our brand new way to apply for applications. This feature includes a modern design that's more intuitive and easier for our staff to process applications; including the ability to automatically role and rank users.

We have many other features planned. Please note that if you are already verified and log into the site with your current account, you may be given the ping roles again. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can, of course, toggle them off in cmds. We thank you all for your patience while you have been diligently waiting for this website for months.

On behalf of the staff team, we hope the website will live up to your expectations and can give suggestions to make it even better.

You can check out our website here: ( log in button is top right ) Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thanks, SoloCord.

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