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By solocord   Oct 01, 2021

Hey everyone! Been a while since a general update has been to inform the community. Over the past few weeks, our web developer has been working hard on our new insights page. This will allow representative staff members to make announcements regarding events and potentially more in the future. With insights out of the way, we’re ready to work on a big feature of our website.

Modernized Scam Log
We have huge plans to modernize our scam log for the convenience of our users and staff. Spreadsheets are so 2020 and hard to look at. We plan to bring it over to our website and include tons of features for you be able to search for people. In addition, we plan to allow other servers to be able to include their own records of people who have scammed in their server so anyone who visits our scam log will be able to see if an individual has scammed in multiple communities. We already have a few communities willing to participate!

We acknowledge that other servers may have different scam policies which may cause conflict in classifying someone as a scammer. While we have no control over another server's policy, we will make sure to let users know that policies differ between servers and link them to the channel's policy if they have a public document available.

Are you a server owner who thinks your server will benefit from this and wish to join us? Make sure to mention me and we’ll get things moving along. Generally, we are looking for servers with an active community/marketplace. We are making sure adding verified scammers is an easy process. If you’re wary about the process, that’s totally fine! Feel free you hop in whenever you want. This is a no contract based setting. You will be free to opt out at any time for any reason.

If you don’t own a server, you can also recommend some you think apply and I’ll check them out.

If you wish to apply, just head to the discord and make a general ticket. I'll be sure to check it out when I can.

We hope this new feature once done will greatly help users across the dev community as we work to unify servers with a public scam log.

Thanks, Solo.

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