Introducing the Ad Center!

By aero777   May 18, 2022

We are excited to announce the release of the Ad Center, here on!

Here is a rundown of what's now available:

  • Create and run your own ads with images or gifs to lead to other websites
  • Advertise your groups, jobs, Discord servers, and more
  • View analytics of each ad you are running
  • Be notified when your ad is either accepted or declined
  • Edit ads to customize what you're advertising
  • Bid up to a month of running your ad at a custom amount

Want to create an ad?

Head over to the Ads Center and click Create. After filling out the information, click create and it will be sent to our team for review. If your ad is declined, you will see the reason for it being declined to make the necessary changes. Staff have full discretion in determining if an ad is appropriate.

Running an ad

To run an ad, you must have sufficient HiddenDevs Credit balance. If you would like to purchase credits, head over to your settings and go to Buy Credits. A minimum of 5 Credits is needed to be purchased per transaction. 1 Credit is equal to 1 USD. Transactions are handled by a third party, Stripe, you may want to review their privacy policy to learn the information they collect.


Please make sure to review our Content Restrictions in our Terms of Service to see read about inappropriate content you can not link to.

About the system

The ad system is based on a bidding system. If everyone bids 5 Credits, the ad distribution will be even for all running ads. If a user bids a larger amount, they will take up more of the ad space. Ads scattered across most pages on our website including the Verification Page, Creating Applications, Insights, and Scam Logs. Pages may contain up to two ads.

For those who have a premium membership in our Discord server, unfortunately there are no premium features currently available, however, there will be premium features in the future, including creating and running multiple ads at once.

Join the Discord Server to stay up to date on the Ad Center:

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