Animation Frenzy

By Cheesy   Jan 16, 2022


Hello Developers, 

We're spicing things up this January with a much requested 3D animation event. In this event you are assigned to create a animation within the timeframe of 00:10 - 1:30 minutes using animation tools provided in roblox studio, Blender, Maya etc. You have the freedom to follow a theme you like as long as it follows all the rules. Go wild.


- All submissions must be made during the event.

- Avoid reposting, edit if you have to.

- Do not submit inappropriate entries.

- All HD rules apply here.

- One submission max.

- Animation must be between the length 00:10 - 1:30 minutes.

- You may submit using gifs/videos only.

- And of course, no plagiarized/stolen submissions.


🥇 1500 Robux + Event winner.

🥈 1000 Robux + Event winner.

🥉 500 Robux + Event winner.

Host: @Festive ŕìmjhïm#4206

Co-host: @Aero#1000

Ask us any questions in #event-Chat or via Dms and good luck!  

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