Valentine's UI Event

By Nexus   May 18, 2022


Hello Developers!

A new interface challenge has arisen and your task is to create a Valentine's Themed UI!

Your UI must include at least: 1 button, and 2 different unique frames (like shop, trading) in the theme of Valentine's Day.

Note: Please ensure that your submission is an image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png). 

Host: @Nexus#0002

Feel free to DM or ping me in #event-chat if you have any questions!

🗒️ RULES 🗒️

  • Previous/stolen work not allowed.
  • Follow the format when posting.
  • No more than one submission is allowed.
  • Submission must be relevant to the theme (Valentine's Day).
  • Don't repost submission, if you need to make any changes, just edit the message.
  • Troll submissions will result in punishment.
  • All HiddenDevs Rules apply here.


  • Submissions open at February 21st, 2022 8:00 PM EST.
  • Submissions close at February 25th, 2022 8:00 PM EST.


🥇 1st Place: Discord Nitro Classic OR Champion Premium Membership (1 Month) AND Event Winner

🥈 2nd Place: Champion Premium Membership (1 Month) AND Event Winner

🥉 3rd Place: Gold Premium Membership (1 Month) AND Event Winner

📓 FAQ 📓

  • Q1. Can I use Photoshop?
  • A1. You are free to use any art program to complete this event.
  • Q2. Can I use open source or free stock images?
  • A2. No, all artwork must be created by you.
  • Q3. Can I work in team?
  • A3. No, this is a solo-only event.
  • Q4. How should I upload my submission?
  • A4. Please only upload your submission using Discord's embed feature, or any of our whitelisted image sharing links.

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